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November 26th
December 3rd
December 10th
December 17th

What is Advent?

The Advent season includes the four Sundays leading up to Christmas and began this year on Sunday, November 26th. It’s a time of expectancy and preparation for the celebration of Jesus’ birth.


Advent is about making room in our hearts, minds, and in our lives. It far to easy to go through the huslte and busle and forget the meaning of the christmas season; Jesus Christ our long awaited messiah. As the church, we get to celebrate advent as we once again wait for His coming.

Advent is an opportunity to observe the waiting period between Christ's first and second coming and to celebrate where Christ has already appeared.

For some, Advent is rather dull and only involves lighting candles on Sunday mornings, but embedded within the word is a call to adventure. Advent shares the same Latin root as adventure, which in its Latin form, adventurous, means "about to arrive." 

Putting that into the context of the Church, Advent, which means "coming," heralds the arrival of the Once and Future King. It situates us in the time between times, between Christ's first coming at Christmas and His Second Coming when He restores all things to glory. Our role in the overlap of the eons is a glorious call to wait for Christ's coming. 


24 Day Advent Devotional

Please read it as encouragement and alignment within the church. We are all preparing our hearts for the already but not yet season of advent. The devotion reads Monday - Saturday, Sunday is a corporate gathering so we will all learn together. Click the button to view the devotional or stop by the church to receive an advent box. 

Advent Devotional